Several years ago with the realization that our current facilities had some severe limitations and deficiencies, we began the process to choose a course of action for the future of our ministry here in Council. We examined the options of remodeling and expanding our current facilities as well as building a whole new structure to meet our needs. After mush deliberation and several proposals for both options it was decided to build a new facility without incurring any debt as God provided the resources.

We established a minimum amount needed to begin the building of $150,000 which would enable us to enclose the shell to prevent damage from weather. Since we had about $50,000 already given it seemed that it would probably take a couple of years to reach the first goal of $150,000. But giving to the project increased and one large gift from an inheritance enabled us to reach this goal in early spring of 2005.

We began construction in July of that year and completed the shell by the second week of December. Since then our progress had been steady with some delays caused because of a change in pastoral staff and the failure of some of our trusses under a big snow load. But God has been faithful and we have seen Him provide time and time again as we have reached each stage of construction. Even during the national recession we were able to continue construction at a slower pace, being ever grateful for our decision of incurring no debt to build.

We have completed the final stages of construction for our new 11,000 square foot building. The latest additions have been the paved parking lot and the storage building for our firewood. Even at a projected $750,000 completion cost we will have invested less than $70 per square foot for our building. What a blessing and certainly worth waiting for with no debt. “To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done!”